Tree Removal is the option that should be chosen when these factors have been considered:

1. What is the age of the tree?

Trees have a lifespan just like people do. Certain species of Oaks can live up to 200 years but that is not typical, usually around 80 to 150 years. On the lower end of the spectrum are trees like Bradford Pears that can grow fast but have around a 25 year lifespan. Once a tree reaches the end of its lifespan it should be removed if it is declining.

2. What species is the tree?

Certain species of tree have a higher failure rate as compared to other species. Oak's and Hickory's have very strong fiber structures and resist the elements better than say a Bradford Pear does, which are known to have a high failure rate.

3. What is the overall health of the tree?

This is a big factor when determining if a tree is a good candidate for removal. Are there many significant dead limbs? Mature hardwoods shed dead limbs, most of the time small limbs, which is normal and not a cause for concern. Do you see a large cavity in the trunk? A large cavity can mean rot or decay which would affect the strength of the tree. Do you see fungus? Fungus only grows on decaying wood. Are there high amounts of sap and/or sap oozing from holes or wounds in the trunk? Are there insects that are visible? Carpenter Ants, Termites? These are all warning signs that suggest the tree is in distress and should be evaluated.

4. Does the tree pose a threat to people, pets or structures?

This is one of if not the biggest factor when determining when a tree should be removed or not. Is the tree in question close to a house, shed, sidewalk etc.? If structure damage and/or personal injury can or will result from a declining tree then this is the best option to choose. Will the tree be affected by new construction? Are you planning to build a new patio, deck, pool or extend your driveway? If new construction will effect the trunk or the root system of the tree it is best to remove it before construction starts. If parts of the tree have been damaged or affected, the tree will die a slow death. Usually it takes 1 to 5 years and the tree will have to be removed anyway but now there will be more cost and labor involved from working around the new construction versus removing the tree before construction begins.

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