Lot or Land Clearing is the first step to getting your land ready for your dream home or for your building to be built for your business. Most tree service companies only do trees and most land clearing companies only clear land and not single trees. We pride ourselves on being one of the only trees services that bridge that gap. Higher Caliber Tree Service can clear small lots all the way up to multiple acres of land. We are based out of Midland and Concord, NC and we serve the greater Charlotte area.

Lot clearing is needed when trees need to be cleared for new home construction, installing a septic system, extending a driveway, construction of a pool etc. Larger land clearing in Midland and Concord, NC is needed for large commercial developments or making way for the building of neighborhoods. We have even cleared land to make way for the construction of cell towers.

When clearing there are three things one should consider for new home construction:

1. It is the best practice to remove any trees that will be in the foot print of the new home, in the septic leach field, driveway or designated parking lot.

2. Is there any tree that is declining or leaning towards where the new home or building will be in the future?

3. Consider removing any tree that equipment will damage the root system during the process of construction. Proper protection of the root system is a must if the tree is to be kept. Many people will tell you that it will be fine if equipment severs some of the roots only to have the tree die out over the next few years and then it has to be removed at a higher cost because of the additional time and labor from working around the new structure.

Something to keep in mind is that it costs less to remove trees before the home is constructed then after the home is built. There is more labor and time involved working around the new home to remove the same tree. Not only do trees need to be cleared but stumps will have to be removed if they fall within the foot print of the home or structure, septic field or where the driveway or parking will be. Stumps not falling within these parameters can be ground in place at a lower price since they will not effect the foundation of the home or building.

So when you are ready to build that dream home or expand your business, contact Higher Caliber Tree Service at704-578-4620 and we will assist you with all of your clearing needs.