There is nothing like a storm blowing through the area to add to your to do list. Trees can be blown down in any direction in your yard or on your house which can make clean up of downed trees a nightmare task for the do it yourselfer.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is the tree laying on a house or other structure?

Is a vehicle pinned underneath the trunk or canopy of the downed tree?

Is a splintered trunk or any cracked limbs visible? This would indicate high tension.

Are power lines entangled in the tree?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the questions, then it is best to leave these trees to a professional company like Higher Caliber Tree Service. We have the knowledge and the right equipment to make clean up as safe and efficient as possible. Here at Higher Caliber Tree Service, we take care of all kinds of storm clean up in Midland and Concord, NC and the greater Charlotte area.

Downed trees can be under a tremendous amount of tension that can be released dangerously if cut improperly. Limbs and trees can also be holding other unforeseen dangers like widow makers, wasp and bee nests, animals that live in the tree that can come down without warning if the tree is cut or otherwise moved from where it has come to rest. With storms it may not be a downed tree in your yard but limbs, leaves, sticks, lots of debris to clean up and dispose of and we can help with that too. As a downed tree comes down it can break limbs on adjacent trees or crush smaller trees completely under the weight of a larger tree that may not be visible until after the clean up process has begun.

Many times with storm damaged trees that come down they will still have a stump or root ball connected to them. A factor not usually considered is what the stump or root ball will do when cut free from the trunk of the tree? Will it stay where it is or will it drop back into the hole? The stump can be left, removed completely or ground in place.

Another question to ask yourself is what to do with the limbs and trunk of a downed tree? Maybe you or your neighbor burn firewood for heat in the winter or have an outdoor fire pit and don't mind a little hard work to split it up, if not, we can haul it away as well.

We will analyze the storm damage and come up with the best solution to safely remove the damaged trees. Insurance claims may be involved if a downed tree has damaged a vehicle or a structure. Storm clean up is not a problem, just give Higher Caliber Tree Service a call at 704-578-4620. We are based out of Midland and Concord, NC and we serve the greater Charlotte Area.