Stump Grinding is a great option to choose when you are looking for your finishing touch, almost as if the tree was never there. Other reasons to choose to have the stump ground can include but are not limited to: The stump is in the middle of your front yard. Let's face it, you just don't feel like mowing around the stump for the next 20 years while it decays. You don't want you children to play around it due to the increased risk of injury and last but not least the stump just looks ugly and it would look so much better if it was gone.

Higher Caliber Tree Service can grind the smallest to the biggest stumps. We can grind just the stump or the stump and all of the roots. It all depends on what you want to do or accomplish. Grindings can be left on site or hauled away for an additional fee. We grind from 4 inches down to 20 inches below ground level depending on conditions surrounding the stump.

Are there utilities near or under the stump? Are there irrigation lines near the stump? Before stump grinding is to be done, 811 should be contacted at least 5 business days before work is to begin to mark any utilities that may be in the vicinity.

Generally speaking grinding the stump will kill the roots and the tree will not resprout. A little money spent to grind a stump will pay for itself over and over again if it means you do not have to drive around a stump with a truck or a mower. Once stumps are ground, additional grindings that are not needed to level the ground out can be used for a number of other uses such as filling in holes, covering for flower beds and if left to rot for a few years, grindings make great soil for gardens and starting plants in pots. Grass can be planted directly where a stump has been ground.

To replant a tree we typically recommend moving the tree to be replanted to the left or to the right about 3 to 4 feet from where a stump has been ground. Stumps that have been ground will leave a mound. If it is a large stump it will be a big mound of grindings that can be hauled away, used elsewhere on the property or left. The grindings will settle back down some over time but not to the same level as before the stump was ground.

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