Tree Pruning in Midland and Concord, NC

Pruning your trees is just like changing the oil in your car. Trees need attention from time to time and pruning is the general maintenance needed to keep your trees healthy. Maintaining your trees is a great way to add value to your property and to protect your investment all at the same time.

Pruning can be done for any number of reasons such as but not limited to:

- Providing clearance around a home or business so that limbs do not damage the roof, siding or windows during normal oscillation of the tree.

- Pruning over a road, driveway or parking lot to provide sufficient clearance for vehicles.

- Keeping utilities clear .

- Taking off a limb or two to get more sunlight to a garden.

Depending on the species of tree you have, some species of tree need pruning much more frequently than others such as the Bradford Pear. Bradford Pear's are a man made tree and have a weak structure that is prone to cracking and splitting. When one breaks, it is not a limb or two but usually it is 20% to 50% of the mass of the entire tree. For this reason it is best that the limbs for any species of tree that have significant weight or length on them and are over hanging a driveway or house be pruned back to reduce the overall vertical stress on the tree.

Pruning of limbs must be done correctly. If it is not done correctly then it can cause rot and decay to set in and ultimately lead to cavities in the tree which will weaken and make the tree more susceptible to invasive pests.

Light to medium pruning can be done year around. Canopy reductions or heavy pruning must wait until late fall or winter to give the tree enough time to recover before the demanding conditions of summer set in. Pruning can also help the tree to direct resources from weaker or less desirable limbs to healthier or more visually appealing limbs.

Processing pruning's generally involves feeding pruning's into a brush chipper for disposal. The wood chips are valuable and can be left onsite and used for any number of purposes such as covering for a garden, flowerbed or natural area, walking trails or filling in low spots. The possibilities are endless.

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Higher Caliber Tree Service offers tree pruning services in Midland and Concord, NC. We can prune your trees to get rid of overgrown branches and give them an attractive shape. Tree pruning can improve the health of your trees by:

Increasing their sun exposure and air circulation
Helping them grow into the proper shape
Keeping them from developing broad, weak branches
Halting the spread of tree disease

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